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My Design Process

After researching customer needs, taking surveys and running competitive analysis, there were 3 main features the food truck connoisseurs wanted to see; Search, Reviews and Delivery. Taking this information I started with a simple sitemap and user flow.



balsamiq mockups

Home Screen - Mockup 1

Home Screen - Mockup 2

Home Screen - Mockup 3

Dashboard Mockup

Brand Identity

With a clear understanding of the user needs and website flow, I looked for a color palette and logo that portrayed two words; cloud and collaboration.

High-Fidelity Designs

With a finalized color scheme, font and logo, I built out the websites most important screens to test.


home screen




Account Settings

User Testing

To test the main screens, I ran a few usability tests with a focus on navigation and design with and UsabilityHub. A few of the results from the Usability Hub tests are shown below as well as the Invision Prototype used for the tests.

Design Preference Test

Heat Map Click Test

Final Designs

With the feedback received in UsabilityHub and, I created every screen to satisfy the complete user flow and developed the website in CSS/HTML. Below you will find the link to my Github page to click through the final product.