Gameday is the perfect app for the avid college gameday tailgater. In the process of building Hango for music festivals, we received a lot of feedback from users saying they would enjoy a similar experience for gameday. I took that feedback and designed the Gameday app.

The Design Process

My goal was to use the existing functionality from Hango and create a gameday experience for each university. You can see from the Alabama example below how the gameday personalizes into a custom UI with a News Feed and Store tailored to your University.


university branded

ultimate gameday experience

Hango Chat

Chat with your group of tailgaters at each game and share photos and videos.

Hango Map

Find your friends at the tailgate. 

Hango Details

Invite friends at any time and see a collage of photos and videos from each event.

365 engagement

News Feed

Keep up on relevant News for your University all year long.


Get gameday ready with tickets, clothing and tailgating gear.


Relive all your past tailgates and have access to photos from you and your friends.