TruckEats is the app for food truck connoisseurs. Rather you live in the city, are visiting a new city or just new to town, TruckEats provides a simple way to learn what food trucks are packing the best flavor and get it delivered to you.

My Design Process

After researching customer needs, taking surveys and running competitive analysis, there were 3 main features the food truck connoisseurs wanted to see; Search, Reviews and Delivery. Taking this information I started with a simple sitemap and user flow.


User Flow

Brand Identity

With a clear idea of the screens and user needs, I worked on the fonts, colors, logo and naming. 

Fonts and colors



logo and naming

High-Fidelity Designs

With a finalized color scheme, font and logo, I built out the apps most important screens to test. 

Search - Map

Search  - List

Food Truck Preview

Food Truck Menu

Delivery Order


User Testing

To test the main screens, I ran a few usability tests with a focus on navigation and design in UsabilityHub.

Checkout Process - User Flow Test

Food Truck View - Question Test

Final Designs

With the feedback received in UsabilityHub, I created every screen to satisfy the complete user flow.

Search - Map

Search - List

Search - BBQ

Food Truck Preview

Food Truck Menu

Food Truck Review

Pickup Order



Invision Prototypes

I created two prototypes that go in sync with the original user flows that were created. Below you can find the link to each of them.