Hango App

Hango is a music festival-goers dream app. It enhances the festival experience and simplifies all of the important nuances for your festival group. I Co-Founded Hango in 2014 and have been involved with every aspect of the business from design to business strategy.

Creating the MVP

When building the MVP for Hango, there were three main pain points we were trying to solve. Simplified group chatting for an event, finding your friends in a crowd and sharing photos and videos for each music festival. With that criteria, we built out the user stories and started with a low fidelity wireframe.

Low-Fidelity Wireframe

Designing for Festival-Goers

When building the UI, our focus was simplicity. Festival-goers are tech savvy, young adults who attend music festivals to get away from everyday life. The festival experience is everything so our app had to embody that experience before, during and after the festival.


hango experience

Hango Chat

Chat with your crew at each festival and share photos and videos.

Hango Map

Find your friends at the festival.


365 engagement

Hango Details

Invite friends at any time and see a collage of photos and videos from each festival.

Hango Profile

Relive all your past festivals and view photos and videos from you and all your friends.

Festival News

Keep up on the newest festival, music and ticket information year round.


Create and manage all your upcoming festivals.

Simplifying the User Flow

After a clean UI was created, we wanted to simplify the app down to its core functionality and create a final user flow. These were the final high-fidelity wireframes created for version 1.0 of Hango.

High-Fidelity Wireframe

Creating a Simple Tutorial

Building a simple tutorial for the intro and slide in menu was crucial for new users. The design below shows how the MVP and simple design turned into a easy to use app that music festival-goers will love.


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