With App

Tired of swiping through thousands of matches that never lead to a quality date? We were too. With uses a complex algorithm and a personal touch to find you quality matches without all the hassle.

The Design Process

When building the MVP for With, there were three goals we set out to solve. Learn what is important to each person, find quality matches and create a fun and engaging conversation. With that criteria, we built out the user stories and sitemap.

Low-Fidelity Designs

With's target market is 21-35 year old, tech-savvy singles. With that in mind, I wanted a design that was sleek and easy to use. Below I have shown a few of the early designs.

Home Screen

New Match



For With, the goal was to create a personalized experience for each user and to reflect this in the logo. A few examples are shown below.

Final Designs

Category Questions

New Match


Want to learn more about With and when it will release? Send me a line and I can introduce you to the founder.